Hamburg – Dirty Winter

How to take powerful pictures with no ray of light ?

In Hamburg, under a windy and rainy weather, I tried to answer that question playing with geometries and high b&w contrasts.

The half of the 30 pics I published are anonymous (i.e. does not represent a location). It’s my cup of tea.

Itinerary : Hauptbahnhof – Kunsthalle – Haus der Photographie (Deichtorhallen) – Peterstrasse – St Michaelis – Rathaus – Bucerius Kunst Forum – Altona – Docks (HafenCity ) – Reeperbahn

Travel Anecdote :

  • Travel by night by train with 3 roommates whose socks’ smell woke me up many times during the night
  • Have the feeling to be a true rebel crossing the road on a red light. The people of Hamburg have a dogmatic respect of traffic signs, except couriers on bicycle as everywhere
  • Enjoy a coffee as powerful and well-roasted as in the famous Caffè Sant’Eustachio in Roma. This feat is made possible in the docks area, at the Speicherstadt Kaffee

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