Expo Milano 2015

Feeding the planet !

7 reasons why you should not miss the Expo 2015 in Milano:

  1. Many controversies affected the site construction related to financial, schedule and human aspects. Finally, the site was opened on time. Moreover, the quality of the infrastructure is impressive
  2. Yes, it is a popular success! It is expected to reach 20 million visitors at the end of October. Be part of it
  3. It is easier and cheaper for European people to  reach Milano rather than Dubaï where the next universal Expo is being held in 2020
  4. Food, food, and food. The site represents the biggest restaurant in the world. You can taste culinary specialties of all represented countries. I was particularly impressed by the gastronomic Japanese restaurant Minokichi
  5. The design and architecture of pavilions are fantastic. The tree of life is worth the trip
  6. To be honest the message from some countries is too much focused on how to sell their touristic assets. However, curious people will definitely find information to question oneself
  7. Milano is a unique Metropolis. A visit to the city town is mandatory and not only for shopping. I recommend an evening in the vibrant “Navigli” district for the “aperitivo”. In the same area you can buy fresh food at the “Mercato Metropolitano

Tips & Tricks :

  • Plan to spend at least 2 or 3 days on-site to make the most of your visit as it is a huge and very busy area
  • There is no luggage deposit in the expo area and usually the queue at the railway station for the deposit is long. So, it will be more convenient to select an hotel where you can leave your belongings and pick them up before your departure
  • Make a focus on the best pavilions: Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Italy, France, Emirates, Azerbaïdjan, Israël, Belgium and Qatar