My Greetings Card eShop is online!

In 2017 I am organizing my first photography exhibition. To help me to finance this project I set up an eShop for greetings card with 250 of my best shots : <<< Select your Greetings Cards here >>>

La jeune marchande de cartes postales

Club des aînés de Boudry / Moroccan High Atlas & Sahara Desert

In the frame of mensual events organised by the “club des aînés de Boudry”, I give a presentation on my trip through the moroccan High Atlas and Sahara desert. Who: Open to all of you When: Tuesday 3 November 2015, 02:30 pm Where: Salle de spectacle de Boudry Admission: Free (you can throw one buck or two in […]

sur une autre planète


The portraits and packshots of the new wine collections from “la Maison” Bouvet-Jabloir have been delivered.

Bouvet-Jabloir is online

I published for the oldest and most famous sushi-bar in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. – Shot all the pictures (culinary, eShop products, portraits) – Developped the website on Wordpress with an eShop based on Woocommerce – Set up the social media on Facebook and Tripadvisor – Improved the ranking with search engines (SEO)

The world through my eyes

The international press is finally speaking about me. Reading its own portrait is strange and pleasant at the same time. Littoral Région 4454 – By Nadja Hofmann, Littoral Région du district de Boudry, 13.02.2015, p.7

olivier bernaschina littoral région

WordPress – My website without programming !

My goal is not to compare the products on the market for websites’ creation. There are already thousands of posts on the subject. I just want to show complex websites’ creation can be achieved by (almost) everybody. On your side, maybe do you have also interesting experiences to share  ? […]